Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The tragic fall of Port-Au-Prince

"Father God, please have mercy on the innocent people of Haiti, especially the children." This is my simple prayer. Nothing can undo what was done. Loved ones are gone, buried under rubble, mangled, burnt, you name it.

Here we are, half a world away in more ways than one. At it's best day of the century, Port-Au-Prince is probably the poorest major city on the hemisphere. Anchorage is a pretty well-off town. They're hot. We're cold. They're mostly black, we're mostly white. But you know what? Jesus loves all just the same. We endured a big quake in '64, and probably will again. The people of Haiti seem to go through a lot of suffering.

So, please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers. Find a major relief organization and donate. Don't get ripped off by scam artists. Pray about which ministries to donate to. Pray that the people of Haiti can see the hand of Jesus touch them in the midst of their suffering.